How To Grow A Beard


Not every man can keep a beard. This does not mean that for you to keep a beard, you must have many facial hairs. Growing a beard requires effort on your part. Having a neat and dense beard makes a man look masculine and attractive. It also boosts his ego in a way. If you have never had a fully-grown beard, the answers provided to these questions will be of great help as you try to grow one.

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For you to grow a beard, the potential to have one should exist. From there, you should exercise patience to see it grow. Different people have different wait times depending on their genetic conditions. If you are serious about growing a beard, most experts recommend a wait time of at least four weeks.

Avoid the neckbeard

Growing a beard should be intentional. As such, there should be no signs of neckbeards. Unfortunately, most rookies miss the mark here by allowing the beard to grow without any maintenance. Besides cleaning and shampooing it, you also need to trim your beard. But not as often as when you used to shave. Shave the neck beard and keep a defined neckline.

Maintain it as it grows

If you have your neck beard in check, you also need to maintain your beard as it grows. Considering that body hair does not grow uniformly, you need to trim those areas that look overgrown. You should have the beard in style as you trim. Trimming should be done regularly to ensure the beard looks shapely as it grows.

Keep your beard soft and clean

If you intend to grow your beard, you need to keep it clean and smooth. As such, you should shampoo it and condition it with some beard oil. You can use a soft comb or beard brush to distribute the oil to the entire beard.

Eat right

As you SZxzaScstrive to maintain, you should also be conscious of the inner process of the growth of your beard. As such, you need to eat the right foods and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Eating gives your body the right nutrients and exercises increase the amounts of testosterone (the hormone responsible for enhancing masculine features).

From the above tips, growing a beard requires you to eat the right foods, grooming, and having the right grooming tools. The corded beard and mustache trimmer is one of the most of the most important beard grooming tools every man should have.